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Auto Glass Crack Repair: Explaining the Process

Don’t Let a Crack in Your Auto Glass Ruin Your Day

A crack in your car glass can be inconvenient, and it can be tempting to put it off. However, it is critical to treat it as quickly as possible to prevent it from worsening or causing further damage. Here’s a quick breakdown from P&Y Auto Glass LLC in Jacksonville, FL of how to fix a crack in your car window:

1. Inspection

You need to let a trained auto glass crack repair technician examine the crack to see if it can be fixed or if the glass must be replaced.

2. Cleaning

The area surrounding the fracture will be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any dirt or debris.

3. Injection

A resin product must be injected into the crack using a tool that applies pressure to drive the resin into the fissure. It will fill in the gaps and strengthen the glass.

4. Curing

When the resin hardens, your technician will seal with using UV light. It forms a strong bond, which can aid in preventing the crack from expanding in the future.

5. Finishing

The excess resin must be removed so the surface of the glass is polished to achieve a clean, transparent finish.

Overall, fixing a cracked glass is a simple process that can be completed quickly by a competent technician. Don’t allow a cracked windshield or window to ruin your day; have them repaired as soon as possible to protect your safety on the road.

There are many auto glass crack repair technicians in Jacksonville, FL, so you have plenty of choices. P&Y Auto Glass LLC is a trusted partner that you can depend on to provide honest advice and affordable solutions. Call me now to learn more about my work or find out what else I can do. My number is (904) 368-5250.