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Auto Glass Crack Repair in Jacksonville, FL, Leak Prevention, and More

P&Y Auto Glass LLC is a locally owned and operated company in Jacksonville, FL that specializes in providing drivers with exceptional auto glass services. From windshield repair and replacement work to window regulator assembly and repair, I have a list of fantastic solutions that will help you fix all your problems. On this page, I will talk a little bit more about auto glass leaks and what I do to fix them.

Auto Glass Crack Repair Jacksonville, FL

To fix a leaky windshield, you need to find where the leak is and then figure out if you need to repair or replace the seal. Some of the common signs that indicate leaks are condensation inside the vehicle, smell of mildew, wet carpets, rust stains, and water coming through the seals. If you experience any of these, then you should opt for the services of a professional.

Besides doing an outstanding auto glass crack repair, I also help with fixing leaky windshields and auto glass. When you bring your vehicle for an inspection, I will determine where the problem is. I will search for the spot where the water is coming from. This is the trick to stopping water from entering and ruining the interior of your car.

For over 15 years now, car manufacturers have been using special underpadding which emits an odor once it gets wet, to signal drivers that something is not right. This helps avoid severe problems from entering the water, such as rust, mildew, and mold. Several things can cause leaks. Pinholes in the seam located under the molding, incomplete urethane factory seals, and improper windshield installation are among the top reasons that cause your glass to leak.

Once I find the leak, I will seal it up. I will use a particular product for the work so that the results are flawless. Do not attempt to fix the leaks on your own using silicone. This product expects and contracts the heat and prevents the proper sealants from being applied. If you want to fix the leaks yourself, consult with a skillful auto glass crack repair specialist, such as P&Y Auto Glass LLC.

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If you live or work in or around Jacksonville, FL and have a leaky windshield, I can help! Leaking windows are very annoying. Preserve the value of your car by allowing me to provide reliable leak repair services. To find out more about me or my work, please contact me at (904) 368-5250 now. I will be happy to hear from you!