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What Makes Windshield Glass So Tough

What Makes Windshield Glass So Tough  

An Auto Glass Service Provider Explains

As a driver, especially one who drives thousands of miles every year with their job, you will know the sheer terror of seeing a stone hurtling straight towards you. This scary situation often leads to chips in the glass, which can be annoying, but at least you have got away with it relatively unscathed. A professional auto glass service can sort out the chip, and then you are good to go. But have you wondered how you managed to escape without further, more extensive damage, here we will give you an insight into how this was possible.

First a little history

Windshields and auto glass, in general, have come a long way since cars made an appearance on the road. In fact, cars in the early days did not actually have any at all. The driver had to wear goggles to see, and this was the only protection available. Ordinary window glass was used until the introduction of toughened glass, which was not ideal as they would shatter even with a small stone hitting them. Laminated glass (a French Technology), using two pieces of glass separated by an inner cellulose layer, was introduced by Henry Ford in 1919, which held the glass together after an impact.

Present-day Windshields

Modern vehicles still use laminated glass, which is glued in as a safety feature, but the manufacturing process has developed over the years. The process now sees urethane sealant with dark spots around the edges of the glass, which become smaller as they move towards the center. This minimizes thermal stress during the production process and often concentrates the spots in certain areas to reduce sun glare. The manufacturing process and safety of the glass installed in vehicles today are governed by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), which gives motorists peace of mind, especially when driving fast.

If you own a vehicle in Jacksonville, FL and see a stone coming your way, there is no need to worry. The windshield may need an auto glass service, but you will not be harmed. P&Y Auto Glass LLC can help to rectify any situation you face with the glass in your vehicle, so give me a call at (904) 368-5250 today!