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What to Avoid After Auto Glass Crack Repair Services

Clear Vision, Lasting Results

When you have your cracked auto glass repaired, it’s important to know what actions to avoid immediately afterward to ensure the durability and effectiveness of the repair. A clear and intact auto glass is crucial for your safety and the overall functionality of your vehicle. Below we will discuss the things you should not do right after professional auto glass crack repair services, helping you maintain a clear and unobstructed view on the road. Let’s explore the world of post-repair auto glass care!

Don’t Slam the Doors

One crucial mistake to avoid after repairing your cracked auto glass is slamming the doors forcefully. While it may be tempting to test the sturdiness of the repair, excessive force can put a strain on the newly fixed glass and compromise the integrity of the repair work. Close the doors gently to minimize stress on the glass and ensure a long-lasting repair.

Avoid Car Washes

After having your cracked auto glass repaired, it’s wise to avoid car washes, especially in the immediate aftermath of the repair. High-pressure water jets and harsh cleaning chemicals can potentially damage the newly repaired glass or compromise the sealant used. Wait for the recommended period specified by the repair professionals before subjecting your vehicle to a car wash. Opt for handwashing instead, using a mild detergent and a soft cloth to clean the surrounding areas.

Delay Rolling Down Windows

Another important tip is to delay rolling down the windows right after repairing your cracked auto glass. The repair may require some time for the adhesive or sealant to fully cure and bond with the glass. Rolling down the windows prematurely can disrupt this process and compromise the effectiveness of the repair. Follow the recommended waiting period provided by the repair professionals before operating the windows.

Maintaining the durability and effectiveness of your repaired auto glass is crucial. Trust P&Y Auto Glass LLC to provide professional auto glass crack repair services that prioritize quality and safety. I am committed to ensuring clear vision and optimal performance for your vehicle. Call (904) 368-5250 today for all your auto glass repair needs in Jacksonville, FL and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with expert care.