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When to Use Mobile Auto Glass Repair Services

The Different Types of Auto Glass  

Cars have different windows and each window has its own type of glass. It’s important to know the different types of auto glass so you can determine what to do in case one of your windows gets damaged. Furthermore, being able to provide additional information about your problem can help mobile auto glass repair experts offer you better and quicker services.


The windshield is undoubtedly the most important window on any type of vehicle. It does more than protect drivers and passengers from wind and debris. It also provides up to 30% of the roof support and absorbs a significant amount of kinetic energy in the unfortunate event of a collision. Finally, side airbags often bounce off the windshield before expanding. Driving with a damaged windshield is dangerous as it limits visibility and compromises the overall integrity of automobiles. You should always have your front window fixed, even if the damage is small and barely noticeable.

Door Windows

Depending on the type of vehicle, cars can have front and/or rear door windows, and each set has its own type of tint. This type of auto glass is designed to provide drivers with a lateral view of their surroundings. The tint is applied to protect them from being blinded by sunlight while on the road. Door windows are found in different sizes and shapes, and while their immediate repair is recommended, some minor issues cannot severely compromise the safety of vehicles.

Rear Windows

Rear windows allow drivers to see traffic behind them and to drive back when necessary. They also provide support to the roof but to a lesser degree than the windshield. If you notice any cracks or chips, don’t hesitate to use a mobile auto glass repair service to fix your rear window.

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